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What Political Cartoons & Photography Cartoons Have In Common

9185 God Cartoon

I don’t draw political cartoons for various reasons.

The main one is that they don’t make much sense a few years, if not a few days, later. Half of my current income comes from commissions. The other half comes from reselling old cartoons.

Would you buy a cartoon about Edwin Meese? “Who?” I assume most of you are asking. He was Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General. I hope most of you at least have a vague notion of who Ronald Reagan was. Anyway, even though I’m the one who drew these two cartoons about Meese in the 1980s, I can’t tell you what incident they’re about. I’m assuming they were once funny. I was paid for them.

Edwin Meese Cartoon 1223
Edwin Meese Cartoon 1223Edwin Meese Cartoon 1223Edwin Meese Cartoon 1224

I drew this cartoon the same week I did the Meese ones. It makes as much sense today as it did when I drew it 30 years ago … or as much sense as a fish carrying an umbrella can ever make.

Fish Cartoon 1230
License Fish Cartoon 1230

That isn’t to say all non-political cartoons are timeless.  I regularly sold to Professional Photographer in the 1980s. Alas, cartoons about film are about as relevant and comprehensible today as are cartoons about Edwin Meese. Trust me, the cartoon below was hysterical to anyone in a relationship with a serious photographer in the 1980s. The original captions was, “Only film in the cooler, honey? No soda or beer?”

Photographer Cartoon 1340
License Cartoon 1340

Do they still have dark rooms?

Photography Cartoon 3820
License Photography Cartoon 3820
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And how many people recognize an old Polaroid Camera?

Photo Cartoon 1212
License Photo Cartoon 1212
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The reason I was thinking about this is because I’m selling a bunch of old camera equipment on eBay for a friend. It all cost a fortune when her late husband bought it. Some of and it has kept its value. The 300 mm lens is still worth about $1,000. Not so the Nikon 8008 film camera that cost $630 in 1990. The postage to ship it today is probably more than anyone would pay for it.

Nikon 300 mm lens
Nikon 300 mm lens for sale on eBay. Starting price: $825 

Oh well. Here are some photographer cartoons I hope will still be funny 30 years from now because reselling cartoons is my retirement plan.

Vacation Cartoon 8533
License Vacation Cartoon 8533
Photography Cartoon 5025
License photography Cartoon 5025
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Vulture Cartoon 0142
License Vulture Cartoon 0142
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Movie Cartoon 4568
License Movie Cartoon 4568
Photography Cartoon 1452
License Photography Cartoon 1452
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Photography Cartoon 1258
License Photography Cartoon 1258
Photo Cartoon 9184
License Photo Cartoon 9184
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