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What’s Wrong With My WordPress Site?

6990 Computer Cartoon

My site almost over night went from having 3,000 page views per day to three.

The reputable American based web design company who redesigned the site is flummoxed.

I sell cartoons. For the last 10-plus years I did so via a site I designed myself using Dreamweaver.

I hired Watermelon Web Works to redesign it so it would work better on mobile devices and customers could download images as soon as they paid for them.

They designed the site using WordPress and Woocommerce.

The new site was relaunched in February and after the old site’s links faded from cyberspace hardly anyone visited the site.

My web gurus said the problem was that I had too many categories and what Google might perceive as duplicate content.

At that time I had about 25 parent-cartoon-categories and hundreds of children. Lack of birth control, I guess. Whoops, I’m a cartoonist and these things just slip out.

Anyway, here’s an example of how a cartoon was categorized.

Plumbing Cartoon 7038
License Plumbing Cartoon 7038
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The  above cartoon was in the parent ANIMALS category and the child CATS category; the parent CONSTRUCTION category and the child PLUMBING category; and the parent ENVIRONMENT category and the child CONSERVATION category.

My Web Gurus said Google was seeing the cartoon on six pages and dinging the site for having duplicate content.

I then merged a lot of the categories so there were no children and only 90 categories in all.

The site still had no visitors.

My Web Guru’s next diagnosis was that there wasn’t enough content. The site might have over 4,000 cartoons, but apparently Google bots didn’t believe in the adage that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. This was ironic because one of the things I liked about the new site was how clean and uncluttered it looked.

Anyway, I started blogging more and interspersing cartoons and links through out the posts. In two months I posted over 50 blogs.

The site still had no visitors.

The only advice my Web Gurus could then give me was to put up my old site and write Google. In other words, instead of spending a small fortune on them, a better investment strategy would have been to buy lottery tickets.

I did write a letter addressed to Google’s Vice President of Humor, but I’ve yet to hear anything back.

That’s why I now have two home pages. A couple of weeks ago reloaded my old site and kept the WordPress site on line, but not indexed. I’m now getting about 700 page views a day.

I’m hoping someone out there can figure out what’s wrong with my WordPress site.

Thank you for reading all the way through.

Mirthfully yours,
T- McCracken
Humble cartoonist

Computer & Software Cartoons for textbooks, presentations, ads, newsletters, etc. Cheap. Perfect for reading while on hold with technical support.

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