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Watermelon Web Works Review: Part 19

6765 Computer Cartoon

Asking Paul to Comment

On February 10, 2015, I sent this email to Paul Clerc, Watermelon Web Works top web guru.

Dear Paul:

In my next email I am attaching a draft of a series of twenty blog posts titled: Watermelon Web Works Review. I am posting Part 1 on February 17, the one-year anniversary of my new site going live.

I am still editing the posts, fixing typos, tweaking this, tweaking that, and trying to inject as much humor as I can in what is otherwise a sad story, but the gist will stay the same.

I will publish any comments you would like to make in their entirety and unedited.

I started writing the series July 22, 2014. We’d had a series of email exchanges that day and you said the utter failure of the new site was “in NO WAY our fault.” The caps are yours, not mine. The entire email is in Part 13 of the review.

If you’d instead said, “I’m sorry,” I probably wouldn’t have written a review, or at any rate not one that’s almost eighty pages long.

You were always encouraging me to blog. Consider your advice taken.

Sincerely yours,
Theresa (T-) McCracken
humble cartoonist and reluctant blogger

Next: Paul’s Response

At one point Paul said the way to save my website was to blog. Another of Watermelon’s web gurus once wrote me, “Blogs are considered highly sharable, so write great blog posts for people to share!”

Feel free to share–especially with anyone you know who’s looking for a web designer.


Came in the middle of the series? Here’s a link to Part 1.

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