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1995 Highlights: A Hum Drum Day on the Oregon Coast

T Heceta Porch

My 1995 year-end letter where I talk about a typical day, waking up in bed with starving pets, working in a supposedly haunted Lightkeepers House, a description of The Hair Curler from Hell (the most imaginative use of binder clips ever known to womankind), and building a Dr. Seuss-like greenhouse. Continue reading 1995 Highlights: A Hum Drum Day on the Oregon Coast

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Raking Leaves Goes Against Nature

8827 Leaves Cartoon

When I was in my 20s I lived in Washington D.C. next door to Miss Elenore, a woman in her 80s.

She was absolutely compulsive when it came to yard work and seemed to rake our leaves more often than I bathed, and I’ve always been pretty compulsive about that. I’ve never understood the purpose of raking at all, and I’m even more confused why if one is going to go through all that work, people don’t wait until all the leaves are down before pulling out the plastic bags. Of course, having the reputation I have, it’s pretty hard to convince people that this isn’t the justification of a lazy lout who doesn’t want to rake. Continue reading Raking Leaves Goes Against Nature