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Is It Art or Is It Gross Anatomy?

Mchumor7980The Skin Man

It’s squished frog season here on the Oregon coast.

I passed at least 20 on my morning dog walk. I feel sorry for them, but I am also have a morbid fascination with them and often examine what’s left of them. That’s not surprising since when I lived in Washington D.C. in the 1980s and 90s one of my favorite haunts was the Walter Reed Medical Museum. Among other things it had very graphic displays of reconstructed faces after they’d been mutilated in various wars, the leg of a Civil War general who ordered a medic to preserve what was left of it after it had been severed by a cannon ball, the bloated leg of someone who had died of elephantiasis, lots other diseased, abnormal and normal body parts in jars, the bullet that killed Lincoln, and what I believe was the worlds largest collection of human embryos. Obviously it was not a museum suitable for everyone. Then again, I’m not suitable for everyone since the only thing I found gross in gross anatomy was the smell of formaldehyde. Continue reading Is It Art or Is It Gross Anatomy?

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It’s Shark Cartoons Week

6529 Shark Cartoon

Sharknado II was just released.

I’m afraid soon I’m going to read a statistic stating more people believe there’s a chance they could be eaten by a shark in a tornado than believe in global warming.

One of my favorite statistics is that you have a better chance of being killed by a soda machine than a shark. The cans in a soda machine are in the upper half of it so they roll down to you. People sometimes shake a machine to try and get a stuck can out and the whole unbalanced thing falls on them. You’ve got to love natural selection. Continue reading It’s Shark Cartoons Week

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Mushroom Sex

9154 Mushroom Cartoon

I was surprised to learn that Charles Darwin’s daughter, Henrietta, was a prude.

She did her best to rid her patch of stinkhorn mushrooms. Their Latin name, Phallus impudicus, gives an indication why a prude wouldn’t like them. Even a kid from Waldport whose Latin doesn’t extend beyond E Pluribus Unum can get a pretty good idea what this particular “fruiting body” looks like. Fruiting body is what they call the part of a mushroom you can see. Some are limp. Some are erect. Continue reading Mushroom Sex