Coast Guard Helicopter

Yaquina Bay Coast GuardThey’re going to get rid of Newport, Oregon’s Coast Guard Helicopter because supposedly it’ll save $6,000,000 a year.

Six million dollars is a lot of money. Is it more than a drone strike? I don’t know. How many American lives does a drone strike save? I don’t know. How many American lives does the Coast Guard Helicopter save in Newport? I’m not sure. Is it more than a single drone strike. Once again, I don’t know. I do know that a few years ago the Newport Coast Guard station made 400 plus rescues, not all of them as sea. Newport is home to the largest fishing fleet on the Oregon Coast, Oregon State University’s oceanography department, and home to the NOAA’s Pacific fleet. Ship crews and passengers are not the only one’s needing help by the Coast Guard, though. Tourists who are awed by the ocean and don’t realize the danger they’re in when straying off a path are many of the rescuees. This new’s footage happened near my place on the same week that the “budget saving” measure was announced.

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