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Road Scholar Redwood’s May 20-25, 2018 Hiking Program

The slide show given during the wrap up of the Road Scholar Redwood’s May 20-25, 2018 Hiking Program. Photos were taken by the Road Scholar leaders John Ford, T- (Theresa) McCracken, Collin Ficcadenti, and Sue Taylor.


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The Corkscrew & The New Manager

cork screw

I haven’t had much time to cartoon since I became a manager of the Drift Inn in January, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had lots of laughs. Sometimes I feel as though I’m in the middle of a sitcom and Candid Cameras must be lurking somewhere. Take this exchange from the other evening:

“We need more corkscrews,” Tamara, one of our servers said to me during a dinner rush.

“How many do we have?” I asked.


“Shouldn’t a restaurant that has a storeroom filled floor to ceiling with wine bottles have more than one corkscrew?” I asked. Continue reading The Corkscrew & The New Manager

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2017 in Review

9532 Tax Cartoon

December 2017, Waldport, Oregon

Dear Friends and Family,

10:16 am August 21st was one of the highlights of my year, the moment the moon totally blotted out the sun in my backyard. The lead up to the eclipse was pretty amazing too. “What about the dead bodies?” a local asked. “They’re expecting millions here. Statistically, the number of people who die per million every day must outnumber the number of refrigerators the morgue has.” In the end, only a few thousand came to our county of 45,000. None died that I know of. I think people were scared off by expectations of Highway 101 turning into a parking lot and a 50% chance of clouds. I’m decorating my Christmas tree with Eclipse Glasses. Continue reading 2017 in Review

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Redwoods Hiking Program October 8-13, 2017

A group photo of the Road Scholars on  the Redwoods October 8-13, 2017 Hiking Program in the Redwoods, a slideshow, and two goofy time-lapse videos.

Redwoods 2017 10 08 1 Of 287


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Redwoods Hiking Program October 1-6, 2017

John Ford and Theresa (T-) McCracken’s slide show from the October 1-6 2017 Road Scholar Hiking Program in the Redwoods and a video of a Coast Guard exercise off Patrick’s Point.

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Mad Marshmallow Disease & Other Fireside Stories

Terrible T-, Goddess of the Flaming Marshmallow

“What do you really do at the hotel?” is one of the questions I was asked most often this summer at the Overleaf Lodge.

“This is it,” I’d say. “Giving a nature walk and then watching the sunset and whales while tending a camp fire and passing out the fixings for s’mores. Those are my only jobs at the hotel.” Continue reading Mad Marshmallow Disease & Other Fireside Stories

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Waldport Solar Eclipse Report

2017 08 21 Eclipse Facebook Photo

When I woke this morning and saw gray out my window I thought, “Rats. Should have joined the masses who drove east.” August 21st mornings in Waldport, Oregon historically have been cloudy 50% of the time.

Sammy, not understanding my malaise, wanted his usual morning romp, so like most other mornings I poured a cup of coffee into a travel mug and walked the half-mile to the Alsea Bay. When I got there it was so foggy I couldn’t see the bridge. Double rats.

I turned around and could see something shining through the clouds and snapped a picture. Continue reading Waldport Solar Eclipse Report

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The Pole Vaulting Whale

9521 Whale Cartoon

A Modern Fable

Once upon a time a whale qualified for the United States Olympics Pole Vaulting Team. The Russians objected and accused the U.S. of exploiting a dumb fish for capitalistic purposes.

The whale said in song that he wasn’t a fish, that he was a mammal, and that he wasn’t dumb. To prove the latter he sang Hamlet’s soliloquy. A judging panel of Shakespearian scholars gave him a score of 2 saying it wasn’t the worst recitation they’d ever heard, but it was flawed due to improper inflection. Continue reading The Pole Vaulting Whale

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Redwoods Hiking Program June 5-8, 2017

John Ford and Theresa (T-) McCracken’s slide show from the June 2017 Road Scholar Hiking Program in the Redwoods.