A Facebook Exchange Between a Liberal and a Conservative

A recent post one of my best childhood friends, Ginny, shared on Facebook depressed me beyond belief. The post had photo of a protestor holding a sign, “You are on Stolen Native American and Mexican Land.” Beneath the photo a yellow minion says, “Wrong! All of human history is one group of people conquering another and seizing their land. That’s just how humans did it for thousands of years. White Europeans just happened to be the best at it. Everything you enjoy in your life in modern America you owe to those settlers and pioneers (NOT IMMIGRANTS) who braved a vast, uncharted land and conquered it. We have no reason to feel guilty and We owe you Nothing.” The post was from a site called Fuck Liberals.

I replied: “Wow. I don’t even know how to respond to such a statement. ‘Conquering another and seizing their land. … White Europeans just happen to be the best at it.’ You’re proud of that?” Continue reading