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Waldport Solar Eclipse Report

2017 08 21 Eclipse Facebook Photo

When I woke this morning and saw gray out my window I thought, “Rats. Should have joined the masses who drove east.” August 21st mornings in Waldport, Oregon historically have been cloudy 50% of the time.

Sammy, not understanding my malaise, wanted his usual morning romp, so like most other mornings I poured a cup of coffee into a travel mug and walked the half-mile to the Alsea Bay. When I got there it was so foggy I couldn’t see the bridge. Double rats.

I turned around and could see something shining through the clouds and snapped a picture.

2017 08 21 Eclipse Clouds
Sun peaking through the clouds @ 9:09 am


I pulled out my eclipse glasses and, whoa, I could see the beginnings of the moon blotting out the sun … and were those blue skies in the distance?

My neighbor, Judy, and I spent a glorious couple of hours in her goat pasture watching the eclipse. We had 54 seconds of totality–which seemed like the fastest minute in my life–and we didn’t have to venture beyond our back doors. We are so lucky to live where we do!

What a day. Well worth the hype.

2017 08 21 Eclipse Sammy
Sammy has his own pair of eclipse glasses.


2017 08 21 Eclipse Totality
Totality @ 10:17 am


2017 08 21 Eclipse Sammy Looking At T
Sammy is far more interested in looking at me than at the sun.


2017 08 21 Eclipse Judy
Judy in her goat pasture.


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