Building a Grandfather Clock Without Killing My Grandparents

The arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, the fourteen-year-old who brought a homemade clock to school, made me think of the time I built a clock at my grandparent’s place. I wasn’t arrested, but that’s only because I didn’t follow through on my thoughts of grand-patricide.

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Highlights 1993: The Hardest Part about Building May Be Getting A Loan

My 1993 year-end letter where I tell about hoops I had to go through to get a construction loan, putting in a water system with the help of a pot farmer, and having one of my contractors die just as we started to build my cabin.

1993 04 Dad Mom T Oregon Trailer In Paint Clothes

T-, Dad, and Mom in front of my leaky trailer after a day of painting

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Flying Refrigerators

In a blog I posted a few days ago I mentioned that most everything in my house is going kaput.

One thing that’s going strong is my refrigerator. This is really amazing when you read a letter I wrote about it to  Montgomery Ward in January 30, 1994. At the time I was building a cabin while living in a leaky trailer without electricity or running water.

Dear Appliance Gurus:

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A Mailbox Fit For Rejections

For years while building my house in the boondocks of Oregon I lived in a leaky trailer with no electricity and the only running water was rain that leaked through the roof. I finally moved into the house about twenty years ago. That means that many things in the house are 20 years old and are falling apart and/or breaking down almost simultaneously. The joys of home ownership. The latest thing to give out was the black locust pole I used to hold up my extra-large mailbox. You know you lead a dull life when installing a post for your snail-mailbox is considered a major event. Continue reading