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Welcome to 2.0

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Anyone who’s watched Portlandia knows Oregonians like everything to be organic. Even our websites. “Organic internet solutions.” That’s Portland’s Watermelon Web Works motto. I know this because I hired them to create a new, and I hope improved, website.

Two years ago I was averaging over 7,000 page views per day. Suddenly last year I dropped to 3,000 per day. Why? I’m not sure. Many websites that sell images suffered the same fate. Many blame a change in how Google image’s search results are displayed. They’ve made it easier than ever for people to knowingly–or unknowingly–steal images.

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McHumor’s Old Logo


Also, more people are using smart phones to access the web. My site wasn’t designed with such technology in mind since I designed it in 2000 on an ancient Mac. I currently barely know how to answer a cell phone, so I thought I’d better bring in some pros: thus, Watermelon Web Works.

To be honest, I’m still not sure what they mean by “organic internet solutions.”

Does it mean they won’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers to “grow my business?”

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Does it mean their tech gurus are free range?

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Does is mean my website will biodegrade in six months?

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Let’s hope the last one isn’t the case in that I currently make my living from If it goes under I may be forced to get a real job and I just don’t think I’m Walmart greeter material.

My cartoons, not this blog, are the heart of the site, so I will sign off for now. Go explore the rest of the site. I’d love any feedback (positive or negative) you can give.

Mirthfully yours,
T- McCracken
humble Cartoonist

An UpDate

Watermelon’s site was a disaster, so I’ve gone back to my old and unimproved site. About all that’s left of the “new” site is the blog and the product pages. I wrote about the design fiasco in my February 17 2015 blog, the one year anniversary of the new site going live.

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