Print on Demand Run Amok

Gutenberg Would be Amazed at Printing Today

With Print on Demand (POD) you can cheaply put out your own version of the Bible, although I doubt The McCracken Version, even a red-letter edition, would ever replace King James’s.

Thanks to Cafepress and Zazzle any cartoon on this site can be printed on demand on T-shirts and lots of other merchandise. My online stores are a work in progress, but I’ll set up a link for you if you email me which cartoon you want on a shirt, poster, or whatever–they even print things on thongs. I’ve yet to have a request for these yet, but you never know.

Religion Cartoon 6835

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Cheap POD has fueled a real self-publishing boon. Fortunately for me, computers can’t generate humor as well as people can. If you’re writing a book that needs a bit of whimsy, think about using a cartoon.

I only charge authors who self-publish $20 a cartoon. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, that comes to a measly 5¢ a word.

Books are only part of the POD market today. There’s hardly an object that isn’t being printed on demand these days.

White T-shirts were about the only merchandise you could print on when I first posted cartoons at Cafepress and Zazzle

Gutenberg T-Shirt

Buy a Gutenberg T-Shirt from Cafepress or Zazzle

Then came mugs.

Gutenberg Mug

Buy a Gutenberg mug from Cafepress or Zazzle

Then came a whole slew of other beverage containers. Some were pretty cool.

Gutenberg Beer Stein

Buy a Gutenberg Beer Stein from Cafepress or Zazzle

Some made me ask, “Who thought of this, and what was in their flask at the time?”

Gutenberg Flask

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And then when people became concerned about sea turtles eating plastic bags, it wasn’t just NPR members who toted classy tote bags. BTW, if you didn’t get that last joke, don’t worry. It’s kind of an inside joke for NPR members.

Buy a Gutenberg Tote Bag from Cafepress or Zazzle

Buy a Gutenberg Tote Bag from Cafepress or Zazzle

Then things went really crazy. When I sell a tie with one of my cartoons on it, I pray it isn’t a Father’s Day gift.

Gutenberg Tie

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And who would you buy this charm for?

Gutenberg Charm

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Or worse yet, these thongs? At least they are made in the USA.

Gutenberg Thongs

Buy Gutenberg Thongs at Cafepress

I guess now you could even print your version of the Bible on thongs.

Heaven forbid!

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