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Fairy Tale Cartoon Characters who Lived UnHappily Ever After

How to Become a Slightly Warped Cartoonist: Part 7

Like the historical characters I wrote about yesterday, horror movie and fairy tale cartoon characters come with back-stories readers are familiar with, and like historical characters I usually have them dealing with life in today’s world.

Stick a bureaucrat into almost any fairy tale, and you’ve probably got the makings of a cartoon. The Princess and the Bureaucrat?

License Environment Cartoon 6897
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And what if the fairy tale character becomes a bureaucrat?

License Accounting Cartoon 5811

A princess kisses a frog, it turns into a prince, and they live happily ever after. She’s happy. He’s happy. Not much funny about that. What if they live unhappily ever after, though? I’m sure in some states a former frog marrying a princess is illegal. And what would happen if both the princess and the prince were gay?

License Gay Cartoon 7447

And what if they do get married, but they don’t live happily ever after?

License Prenup Cartoon 7858
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Amusing juxtapositions occur when characters with extraordinary lives go do mundane things.

When I do laundry? Not much funny there. When Dracula does laundry? Just the very thought of it is funny. And what sort of problems might he encounter while doing laundry?

License Vampire Cartoon 1609

Is there an upside to his laundry day? Or his laundry night?

License Electricity Cartoon 1618

Vampires live forever. Is there a downside to immortality? Do they age gracefully?

License Denture Cartoon 2788

What happens if movie monsters work nine-to-five jobs? Do they go to boring conferences, too?

License Movie Cartoon 3993
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What happens if people with nine-to-five jobs meet movie monsters? If they act scared, that wouldn’t be funny. But if they act as though having a monster in the office is normal? Now that’s funny.

License Surgery Cartoon 5865

In tomorrow’s post I’ll talk about using animals in cartoons.

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